Welcome to Forensic Science Research and Consulting!

We are here to answer any question that you may have about what forensic science is and how it may apply in your situation.  We also provide training and education events.  As well as consult on any investigation that you are working on.

Primary Area of Interests:

At FSR&C we have experience in several areas of Forensic Science, including: Ignitable Liquids Analysis, Lubricant Analysis, Drug Analysis, Explosive Analysis, and More!


Welcome to FSR&C

Welcome to FSR&C! Our mission is to leverage our expertise to provide you quality information to assist you in trial preparation, forensic science education or to train your forensic field or laboratory personnel.


FSR&C has provided consultation and workshop training events to several Federal and State Agencies.

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We offer many services to assist your needs. Read more about ways that we can assist your needs.

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Our team has more than 15 years of experience in forensic case work, forensic education, and forensic research and development. To learn more

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